Trade licenses

Commercial trade license

Compliance with regulations is compulsory to operate any business in the UAE. A commercial trade license thus becomes a pre-requisite to entrepreneurship in Dubai. A trade license lists out the scope of operation corresponding to the industry. It is mandatory to hire employees, apply for work visas, and start a business bank account.

Attaining a commercial trade license is not an easy job. It might require approaching government offices such as the Department of Economic Development and others. Not familiar with such stringent rules and formalities involved, entrepreneurs most often depend on trustworthy agents like Dubai Information Center to do the job for them. We will notify what details need to be produced from your end to help us produce substantial documents involved in the acquirement and renewal of a trade license to form a company in Dubai.

A commercial trade license allows you to:

  • Perform up to ten business activities.
  • Ensure security of business engagements.
  • Apply for work visas and labour quotas.
  • Open a corporate bank account.
  • Evade corporate and income tax.

Industrial trade license

Industrial manufacturing units need to acquire an industrial trade license issued by the Department of Economic Development. They grant permission for such units to obtain raw materials and convert them into finished goods. The industrial trade license holders can set up a physical warehouse to be used for production, segregation, stocking, and packaging purposes. Dubai Information Center can help out those who are trying to acquire an industrial trade license in Dubai or to renew it.

How we help you?

  • Let you know about the prerequisites for application.
  • Create business opportunities.
  • Safe and secure financial transactions and judicial intervention in times of need.
  • Attract investors and consumers to build a business community.

Professional trade license

Professionals who wish to offer their services require a professional trade license issued by the uae government. The regulatory bodies look for a person’s educational qualification, certifications, and industrial expertise to issue a professional trade license in dubai.

We, at dubai information center, help you to:

  • Produce the necessary documents.
  • Coordinate with universities for approvals.
  • Assist in opening a corporate bank account.
  • To apply for visas, labour quotas, licenses, etc.

Tourism license

The travel and tourism industry contributes highly to the economic growth of the uae. Thus several investors wish to enter this flourishing industry. But such businesses need to acquire a tourism license to commence operations. This includes hotels, travel agents, rent a car service, and more. To know more about how to get a tourism license issued by the concerned authorities, call us.

We can help you to:

  • Obtain the obligatory documents.
  • Coordinate with the tourism department.
  • Look for a rental office space.
  • Accumulate and process necessary documents.
  • Notify and renew licenses when they are due.

Two other licenses offered are (only to UAE-nationals):

a) Intelaq license

It is offered to UAE nationals wishing to conduct home-based businesses pertaining to the rules put forward by the government. The business needs to be conducive for a residential environment and should not affect the mental and physical health of plants, animals and human settlement in the neighbourhood. Such establishments can be set up on a sole, or partnership basis. However, they cannot sponsor employees. A person is eligible for only one Intelaq license, but can run multiple activities related to the core activity under this license.
If you plan to start a home-based business, call Dubai Information Center to get the Intelaq license.

b) SME license

Also applicable only to the UAE nationals, this license allows them to run a small or medium enterprise where they can hire employees during the validity period of 3 years.