Office Solutions

Virtual office

Most businesses operate now with employees working remotely. This eliminates the need to have a physical office thereby greatly aiding in cost-cutting. However, most companies would require a physical address to be stated during the documentation procedures involved in company formation in dubai. Here, the concept of ‘virtual office’ comes to their rescue.

Dubai information center can help you to attain a virtual office address in a location of your preference. By providing virtual office space to run your business in dubai, we hold hands with you on the journey of your progress.

Shared office

Setting up an office of your own in dubai can burn a hole in your pockets as the rental amounts are enormously huge. So most small business owners look for a shared office space with another company. This can be beneficial for both as you need not pay a huge rent and they get an extra income by letting you work from their space without any hindrance to both.

We, at dubai information center, help you to get hold of a shared office space that corresponds to your requirement and has the infrastructure that you need.

Flexi desk

The flexi desk concept is popular all over the uae. If you do not have a physical office set up in uae, you can begin operations at a shared office in the free zone or mainland. Only then can you open a bank account in the name of the business. A company can be registered and licensed if you have a flexi desk address to validate your operations. This can help beginners to commence their operations at low rent and then shift to a new space once they are ready or in need of it.

We, at dubai information center, help you to acquire a flexi desk with the help of our professional team.